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Kaspersky replaces “input type email” to “input type text”

Recently working with WPFORMS form validation setup for one WordPress website I found out that there was no validation (red border-color for input and text error message) of email input and that was very strange for me.

I made a research and googled that Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus automatically changes type of input.

In my code I had input type=”email”, but in Google developer tools there was input type=”text”.

<input type="text" oldautocomplete="remove" autocomplete="off" kl_ab.original_type="email" aria-invalid="false">

So it had no HTML5 form validation and did not show any error when filled incorrect.

Also antivirus added “kl_ab.original_type=”email”” to my email input.

Such situation was in Google Chrome. In other browsers validation was ok.