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Elena Korobova
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Korobova Elena, UI UX designer

I am a creative user experience and user interface designer from Moscow, Russia. I gained a huge experience helping startups and large businesses increase their perceived values and transform an audience into paid customers using modern and customer-oriented websites, landing pages, emails, social media, and printed materials. Nowadays, my main area of interest is the intellectual web UI design based on a mix of marketing and visual design. And I love what I do.

My working experience:

2020 – 2021 | UI/UX designer| App Smart GmbH.
sep 2020 – apr 2021
UI/UX designer
App Smart GmbH. (Germany)
app smart GMBH is one of the largest shopsystems and apps for restaraunts in Germany. It provides customers (restaraunts, delivery services) with their own web shop and app shop. And also clients get a full marketing support (flyers, coupons, stickers and so on).
my role
  • redesigning main page of the website (in progress)
  • creating a mockup for new mobile version of the website
  • designing banners
  • designing printed materials both for companys needs and for clients
  • designing menus for restaraunts
  • designing illustrations
  • creating UI/UX design for new app (restaraunts agregator)
  • creating user maps
2019 – current | UI/UX developer | Upwork Inc.
apr 2019 – current
UI/UX developer
Upwork Inc.

I am TOP-rated UI/UX designer at Upwork. View my Upwork profile

Project: MyChoiceSoftware (USA)

MyChoiceSoftware is an industry leader (an American owned and operated computer hardware and software eCommerce retailer). Their main goal is providing the best customer service. So my main aim was to create customer-oriented and easy to understand product pages for popular software.
my role
  • collecting data and design of 130+ product pages to provide better user experience in the industry (see an example)
  • implementing designs to Shopify CMS
  • creating banners for social media
  • coding website template from PSD to HTML (see an example)

Project: TopFX (Cyprus)

TopFX is an international prime brokerage firm specializing in liquidity provision. Led by some of the most talented and knowledgable professionals in the industry, TopFX focuses on maintaining a high standard of service, so their task for me was to create a promotional landing page and a series of corporate emails
my role
  • designing and coding responsive CRM email templates for best UX
  • developing landing page designs from low-fidelity prototypes (see an example)
  • designing banners ( see an example)
  • coding PSD to HTML, Figma to HTML, Zeplin to HTML
  • designing inner pages of a corporate website
2016 – 2019 | UI/UX developer, project manager | Slovomarket
2016 – 2019
UI/UX developer, Project Manager
Slovomarket, web studio

Project: Tenda

Tenda technology is the recognized leading supplier of networking devices and equipments. Tenda has committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions, offering innovative, cutting-edge products to realize people’s intelligent life. Our team created a corporate website for the russian department. The goal was to make it easier to maintain and edit by client’s marketing specialist and create more authority than a previous version of the website.
my role
  • determine business goals and needs
  • determine user personas
  • create site map and user boards
  • create low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups for product pages and main page of a website
  • product pages that contained a lot of information became structured and easier to understand for customers
  • new design attracted new customers

Project: Slovomarket web studio website

Slovomarket is a startup full-cycle web agency oriented on russian market and providing services from design to launch at affordable prices. My main task was helping companies accomplish their business goals through modern and customer-oriented websites. After 6 month of work I became a project manager where I gained more team leading skills.
my role
  • creating user path
  • defining user personas
  • creating site map
  • competitors analysis
  • creating text content plan
  • creating UI kit for web studio
  • creating brand identity
  • creating website template and inner pages (CMS Bitrix)
  • creating visual ads for social media
  • creating printed materials for an exhibition (banner, roll-ups, fly-sheet, personal cards, certificate)
  • successful launch of the web studio
  • modern design and creative works led potential users to paid customers

Miscellaneous projects:

  • creating design templates for websites in Photoshop (kindergarten, flower shop, construction, education, hotels, hostels, medicine, telemedicine, food, yacht, tourism and many other areas)
  • implementing designs for WordPress CMS, Prestashop CMS, Bitrix CMS
  • design and coding of responsive corporate email templates (Mailchimp, Outlook)
  • optimizing WordPress websites
  • coding website layouts (HTML + CSS / SCSS + Javascript, Bootstrap framework, Angular JS)
2015 – 2016 | UX designer and marketing manager | Landata
2015 – 2016
UI/UX designer in marketing department
Landata LTD
Landata is one of the best IT distributors (Toschiba, Lifesize, Eaton, Huawei,Lenovo and many more) in the russian market. During my work their main goals in B2B area were retention of existing customers and their exclusive support, providing best sells of IT equipments and increasing the revenue.
my role
  • developing of user experience (defining the audience, understanding customers context and needs, low-fidelity prototyping)
  • design and coding of responsive corporate email templates (Mailchimp)
  • website audit
  • redesign of 2 corporate websites
  • developing strategic content plan of developing web resources of the company
  • creating of visual ads for Facebook, Vkontakte
  • design of new website’s blocks, banners
  • maintaining of 4 corporate websites (CMS Bitrix)
  • communication with developers and copywriters
  • new design of the main corporate site helped get new big customer
  • I initiated the new business-oriented approach for using modern web technologies in B2B
  • I initiated the competitors analysis in a company to improve websites’ layouts and designs.
2014 – 2015 | Web designer | Goajoy LTD
2014 – 2015
Web designer
Goajoy LTD
Goajoy – is a sturtup providing services for users who want to rent a house, bykes, buy tours and excursions in Goa, India. The main goal of this local business was standing out of competitors, increasing revenue and capturing new customers.
my role
  • study of user scenarios within the touristic website (defining the audience, understanding customers context and needs, developing prototypes and brand identity)
  • creating a website from design to launch (designing a template for the website (Photoshop), setting up all the modules and components (CMS Joomla)
  • developing strategic content plan for SEO and social media
  • creating visuals for Facebook, Vkontakte
  • designing brand identity (logo, business cards, rollups, boards, flyers)
  • providing 30% of revenue of the market’s largest competitor in the first touristic season.
  • Increasing user engagement by 82% in half a year
  • Creating a pool of returning customers (127 users according to a survey)
2012 – current | Other design work | Freelance
apr 2012 – current
UI/UX designer
Freelance Projects

My duties:

  • creating Powerpoint templates
  • coding websites from scratch using HTML + CSS / SCSS + Javascript, Bootstrap framework, Angular JS, React JS
  • app design
  • website designs (Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Zeplin)
  • pure CSS hero image design

Design challenges

From time to time I take part in UI/UX design challenges and contests:

My skills

User research
Adobe XD
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