First 11 Git Bash commands

ppwd –  prints the ‘present working directory’.

mkdir – creates a directory. mkdir -p level1/level2/level3/level4 – create several directories one in another.

cd – changes directory; cd .. – going to the parent folder.

git clone https:// – clones the directory

ls – ‘list’ contents of the current working directory. ls – la – shows hidden folders and files.

git status – shows the default branch and if there are any changes to commit

echo “Test Git Quick Start Demo” >> start.txt – creates new text file with “Test Git Quick Start Demo” content.

cat start.txt – shows the content of the file

git add start.txt – transfers file from the working area to the staging area. git add . – transfers all files to the staging area.

git add -A – adds and updates any changes to the working directory.

git commit -m “Adding start text file” – transfers file from the staging area to repository with message pointed in “.

git commit -am “message” – add all the files to your commit with selected message.

git push origin master – pushes the local copy of the repository to Origin refers to a Github copy of your repository. Master refers to the only default branch in our repository. It is recommended to always do git pull origin master before doing push.

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