How to change colors in multiple artboards in XD

Once upon a time I needed to replace one color to another in more then 300 elements in one file. It could take me more than one working day to manually select and recolor all the elements with the same color.

But I found a decision.

I googled and found a nice plugin for Adobe XD – Select same colors.

Simply choose an element, choose one input color and output color and then choose artboards where you want to replace colors. That’s it 🙂

My top 5 Figma plugins

Figma is a powerful tool that helps designers all around the world create better designs.

Today I will introduce my favorite plugins to you. Here they are


It lets create skeuomorphic interfaces in seconds. Just select an element you want to design and neumorph it.

Material Design Icons

I use it in every project in Figma.


It adds a random avatar to the selected shape. Very easy to use.


Adds UI gradients from


It lets you add featured avatars from selected photo stocks like Unsplash, Pexels. You can choose age, gender, emotion and hair color of a person.

DayliUI 001 SignUp

Hello! I decided to take part in UI challenge. Every day I will submit one work devoted to the special theme, and will explain why I decided to do the special design for each challenge.
For example, my first task is to create Sign Up form. I decided to do it in a modern and very popular style of 2020  – neuomorphism. It looks clean and soft.

Also, I decided to create 2 variants of this form for mobile screens:

– light version for daytime;

– dark version for evening and nighttime.

Hope you will like it!

Why UI is so important?

Tony Aubé has been hiring designers for the past 4 years. During that time, he has seen amazing portfolios and terrible ones. And he considers that you should “show as much UI and visual design as you can”, if you want to get more interviews.

Why? Because it’s easier and faster to judge UI than UX. Great visual design is instantly obvious. 

Here’s the most messed up part: 

When recruiters see amazing UI, they immediately assume that the designer is also amazing at UX.

He thinks that “UI gets you the interview. UX gets you the job“.